Professionals You Can Trust

Genuine Management Smart Home Watch Services began over a decade ago specializing in the oversight of unoccupied properties. Whether it is a condo, townhouse, single family home or commercial property, we have a visit program to fit your needs. Special rates are available for snow birds along with discounts for referring customers. 

If you are a home owner who chooses to lock up your home, shut everything off in hopes that your investment will be perfectly fine when you return or asking a neighbor or friend to drop in periodically to check on things, then we have a service plan just for you. Even the smallest oversight can result in thousands in damages, risking an insurable event your carrier may not cover due to 'unoccupied property' fine print in your home owners insurance policy.  

Our detailed weekly or bi-weekly visit reports are specifically designed to keep the home owner informed of the homes' current condition on the day of visit to include pictures and comments along with date, time and duration of service visit. Our technicians have received specialized training through the National Home Watch Association to ensure your home meets or exceeds the required standards for this industry and have implemented what we feel is the most comprehensive software programs available today.  We are Licensed, Insured, Bonded, Certified and Accredited by the National Home Watch Association. We are the home owners eyes and ears while they are away so you know your home is being overseen by trained professionals.