Genuine Management Services, LLC provides regularly scheduled visual observation reports of unoccupied homes, condominium units to the customer. The officially sanctioned definition of Home Watch is:

a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.”  

Our Smart Home Watch Service was designed with the customer in mind by offering service level options: Our Basic Home Watch Service provides for a visual observation of your unoccupied property to ensure the home is secured, mechanical systems are indeed running, we look for 'observable' intrusions, infestations, tripped breakers, roof leaks and any indication of mildew.  Our Premier Service includes the Basic items noted above, plus adds hands on services such as exercising sink faucets, exercise power storm shutters, flush commodes, test select appliances, press smoke detector TEST button(s), observe sprinkler system operation, check outbuildings and mailbox. We communicate our findings with our customers and communicate with the customers current vendor provided services. We now offer a Concierge Option of 'Grocery Getter' for select properties so you'll have fresh items when you arrive.     

As well seasoned Real Estate Professionals, we know what to look for during Home Watch visits and each Home Watch visit is logged into a customized checklist completed on-site detailing the current observable condition and forwarded to the customer in 'real time'. Our integrated software allows for storage of pictures and reports on the customers personal account dashboard. The date and time of each home watch visit is logged into the customers personal account dashboard along with notes and pictures for future reference.                            


        Certified Home Watch Professional # 08190084